Get Instagram followers and likes

It is social networking and online photo sharing service that helps to take pictures and upload them on sites like Facebook and Twitter. It’s mostly found in mobile cameras. It was invented by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was launched in October 2010. Instagram became popular in no time and bought itself many millions of users. It can be accessed through Google play and Apple app store.


There are some rules that the users of instagram have to follow, that are it can be accessed by a kid less than thirteen years old. Violent and nude pictures should not be posted through it. That’s a plus point.

The creators want to get instagram followers and likes, all they do is make an instagram account on Facebook. Maybe your friends will notice it and get inspired by it and like that page.

Taking pictures and uploading them especially on Facebook is getting way too common. Not only teenagers but people of 20’s till 50’s have this craze of taking snapshots of their friends and family. This may even be taken as the new status symbol or a good and entertaining time pass by millions of people around the globe. Another way to get instagram followers and likes is that you update a status about and introduce your friends to it. Your friends will like and the following will be increased.

Disadvantages of instagram

  • In order to use instagram you need to have iphone application. Everyone does not have access to iphones.
  • You have to cut your picture according to the shape the app offers.
  • This wasn’t for kids under 13 years. While the underage kids used it the parents were unaware of it as a social networking site as well.

As the popularity is increasing, people like to get instagram follower and likes on their Facebook pages.