Epoch Times prohibited from advertising after sneaking pro-Trump propaganda onto Facebook

The site was the biggest political spender on Facebook ads outside of the Trump campaign.

Facebook has prohibited conservative news site The Epoch Times from shopping for ads after it absolutely was discovered that the website was trying to avoid the company’s rules for transparency around political advertisements, in line with a report from NBC News.

The Epoch Times antecedently spent $2 million on Facebook ads supporting President Trump and amplifying conspiracy theories, which is over any other organization, save for the Trump campaign itself. after journalist Judd Legum noted back in July that many of The Epoch Times ’ ads were in violation of Facebook’s policies, the outlet’s accounts were prohibited.

But it merely shifted methods, making sock puppet pages to run the ads instead. By not revealing that The Epoch Times was behind the new ads, the corporate was once more in violation of Facebook’s rules, leading to the most recent ban.

“Over the past year we removed accounts related to the Epoch Times for violating our ad policies, as well as attempting to get around our review systems,” a Facebook representative commented to NBC News. “We acted on further accounts nowadays and they aren’t any longer able to advertise with us.”

As an earlier NBC news report found, The Epoch Times is really related to Falun Gong, a Chinese religious group that seeks to take down the Chinese government (the same group that runs the unavoidable Shen Yun dance troupe). The group apparently believes that Trump’s policies are key to that goal. Additionally to supporting Trump through millions of dollars of problematic Facebook ads, the outlet additionally promotes QAnon-related conspiracy theories, anti-vaccination propaganda, and alternative extreme content.

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